Tanjong Malim Town


Apart from being known as an Education Town, Tanjong Malim has the potential of becoming a developed town at the southern of Perak. Based upon the existing economic activities and industrial planning such as the automobile, agricultural and manufacturing, Tanjong Malim is predicted to become a rapidly developed city at the southern Perak. this was in the pipline but was strengthened by the construction of the national car factory, Proton in Bandar Proton (Proton Town), together with the development of new housing projects, recreational facilities and others.

Tanjong Malim Town start from a large cape (a high land formed by the river erosion and sticking out into the sea), the early settler was an ulamak (a religious man), Tuan Haji Mustafa bin Raja Kemala. Sir List (the representative of the Straits government) and Raja Itam named the town Tanjong in conjunction with the location of its large cape, whereas, for word Malim (mu'alim), it was used with regards to the religious commitment of the people in Tanjong area at that time.

The municipality of the Tanjong Malim District Council consists of other small towns besides Tanjong Malim, they are within the 30km radius from Tanjong Malim. Slim River, one of its towns, is the administrative centre for the District as it where the District and Land Office is located. There is also a hospital with the services of specialists.

Initially, the District and Land Office was in Tanjong Malim, but after the incident of the murder of Sir Codner (the District Officer) by the communist at Simpang Empat, Tanjong Malim, the office was moved to Slim River. The British named the town Slim River, because of its narrow river, and hence the Slim River.