Title Format for Building Plan Application289.64 KB
KM02 - Checklist Acknowledge Pinta Survey Plan / Pre-calculation / Pre-Comp99.77 KB
MDTM-F3 - Fee Calculation Form Street and Drainage Plan58.73 KB
MDTM-F5 - Landscape Plan Fee Calculation Form65.94 KB
MDTM-F4 - Fee Calculation Form Building Plan55.54 KB
FORM A - Planning Permission112.91 KB
CCC - Checklist Certificate of Completion and Compliance101 KB
FORM B - Extension of Planning Permission93.17 KB
MDTM-F2 - Fee Calculation Form Earthwork63.5 KB
FORM A - Submit Plans For Earthworks59.01 KB
FORM A - Certificate of Building Plan / Structure64.07 KB
Certificate JPS.IWK.SKMM45.29 KB
JKR - 03-85 ATJ Amendment 06-2008 (04)161.84 KB
JKR - 03-85 ATJ Amendment 06-2008 (05)113.93 KB
JKR - 03-85 ATJ Amendment 06-2008 (03)97.34 KB
JPS - Planning Permission Application Checklist195.45 KB
FORM L - Landscape Plan57.16 KB
JPS - Checklist Earthwork and Erosion and Sediment Control Plan167.35 KB
JPS - Plan Application Checklist Drainage216.32 KB
IWK - SSA PDC 1109.91 KB
Form B - Notice to Commence / Resumption of Work Building51.02 KB
JBPM - Checklist38.76 KB
Form B - Notice to Commence Earthworks53.99 KB
SKMM - Checklist Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission516.73 KB
MDTM-F1 – Fee Calculation Form Planning Permission143.23 KB
LAP - Checklist for Planning Permission SPAN318.48 KB
Checklist signage143.6 KB
Application Process Flow Chart Mechanism Signs / Billboard On Tanjong Malim District Council153.52 KB
Rental Fee, Collateral & Contributions Landscape For Hire Advertise Site "Billboard" & Ads Housing Area Tanjong Malim District112.23 KB
IWK - Table 2 Fee Rules of the Water Services Industry517.78 KB
OSC01 - Application Checklist139.24 KB
OSC3.0 - Manual Agency206.53 KB
Form G1 - G21107.84 KB
OSC3.0 - Applicant Manual206.94 KB
Form CCC - CCC Checklist & Start Work Notice149.28 KB
Geospatial Information Application Form390.08 KB
Checklist For Road and Drainage Plans174.29 KB
Checklist for Land Work application204.61 KB
Checklist For Planning Permission Application217.99 KB
Checklist for Light Lamp Application145.33 KB
Checklist for Landscape Plan Application153.86 KB
Checklist for Building Plan application188.28 KB
Checklist for Scheme Nomination / Garden Name / Road Names Application145.5 KB