Tanjong Malim District Council Logo comprises of 3 basic colours: Red, Blue and Yellow. The logo was officially used on 10 May 2006 to replace the previous TMDC logo. The new logo launching was officiated by the Local Authority Chairman, Y.B. Dato' Chang Ko Yun, D.P.M.P.

 The geometric shapes on the left and right side of the logo symbolise development and th
 Tanjong Malim District Council "Maju Dan Jaya" (Progress and Success) slogan.
 The arranged books and the knowledge cauldron symbolise knowledge as the pulse of life.
 The aimed arrow symbolises the progressive and continuous development.
 Yellow geometric shape symbolises the building structure of the Higher Education Centre in Tanjong Malim.
 Keris (traditional Malay dagger) symbolises the race sovereignty and struggle.
 Eight-petal Tanjong flower is the official flower for TMDC symbolising cleanliness and beauty of the eight main areas or the council's eight administrative areas.
 Electron symbolises the high technology based industrial development and the automotive industry
 Road and water symbolise the infrastructure and basic needs of the community..