Client Charter for Tanjong Malim District Council are as follows :-

  1. We provide friendly services and are always prepared to assist when you complaint about our services.
  2. Providing the acknowledgement of receipt for public complaints within 3 working days..
  3. We guarantee to provide basic services and facilities in all areas under the jurisdiction of Tanjong Malim District Council.
  4. Assessment Tax bills will be will be issued the latest by 15 January (for the 1st half of the year) and 15 July (for the 2nd half of the year).
  5. We will approve the development proposal application within a period of 4 - 6 months, provided that it is accompanied with complete documentations.
  6. We will approve non-risky business license application within 1 (one) day.
  7. We will ensure that all bills are paid immediately not later than 10 days from the date it is submitted to the Treasury Department, provided that it is accompanied with complete documentations.
  8. Public Cleaning Services will be carried out as follows :-

Rubbish Collection -
i) Housing areas - 3 times a week
ii) Protocol areas - 6 times a week
Grass cutting - 21 days per cycle
Drain cleaning - 90 days per cycle