Tanjong Malim District Council is the local authority for the District of Slim River / Tanjong Malim. As a Local Authority, known as the third state that is closest to the people is certainly the government's desire to rule the people first, performance now emphasized even "multi-party" aware of the shortcomings and constraints of the administrator of the Main Entrance of the southern state of Perak.

For three decades, this bit is assisted administrators to prosper Main Entrance State. Indirectly portray the Silver sober despite three decades that have passed it so many who commissioned rank of "Admiral" dipersada State administration but very few who give back to his native land.

Perak to this day and the importance of cities continue to subtly forgotten and seems to be marginalized. Although at one time the state had become "Champion" and "Big Brother" for its rich natural resources and generous leaders. Now it is a distant memory. Land that was once rich in tin now lives pools are mostly very limited use. Passion grows as the pride of the National Highway (PLUS) across the country regardless of the state of Perak to the extent that the cities that were once popular but now deserted nicknamed "Cowboy Town" and "Death Week" anyway. Click HERE For More Information.