MDTM is host to the Opening Ceremony of Championship Sports Local Authority of the State of Perak Darul Ridzuan for the year 2013. Therefore, OWL has been selected as MDTM icon and this icon has also been used as the official mascot for the Games PBT Perak in 2013.

Justification for the choice of mascot owl as an official mascot DTM is based on the following evidence:

  1. Tanjong Malim is a city that has produced many distinguished scientists such as Za'aba, Aminuddin Baki, and Aaron Aminurrashid. This statement was made at the same time as one of Tanjong Malim town famous scientists in the state of Perak. In fact, Tajong Malim also produced many leaders and activists of the Islamic propagator famous around the country.
  2. In accordance with this statement, the owl has been chosen as the icon that leads to the meaning of 'wisdom' or in English was 'The Symbol of Wisdom'. This alignment is seen as a reflection on the position of Tanjong Malim who is also a center of education in Malaysia and can be evidenced by the existence of Universiti  Pendidikan Sultan Idris Teachers Education Centre of the oldest in Malaysia.

Ironically, the species of owl is easily available in Tanjong Malim. Based on the symbolism of 'The Symbol of Wisdom' then why mascot owl fitting selected as the option for Tanjong Malim is now booming.