Function: -

  • Implementing application of the Act / Laws / policies relating Licensing and ensure the implementation of laws / policies are adhered to.
  • Control and monitor the issuance of licenses, license holders, business activities and business premises.
  • Investigate complaints related to the Licensing and take appropriate actions on these complaints.
  • Provide reports and information related to the management of the Licensing Division.
  • Providing advice and information to clients concerning the affairs of the Licensing Division.
  • Ensure that all production license / permit Business is transparent, fair, and balanced with the current requirements.
  • Premise License Application Processing and Business Ads.
  • Hawker License Application process.
  • Entertainment Premises Licence Application Process.
  • Billboard License Application process.
  • Public Market License Application Processing and Property Council.
  • Banner Permit process and Banting.
  • Temporary Permit Application Processing Flea / Night Market and Town Day.
  • Temporary Business Permit Application Process Expo / Seasonal Sales and Sales meantime.
  • Processing Permit Application Laid Dining Table Outside Business Premises.
  • Deposit Withdrawal Application Processing Related Licensing Division.
  • Processing Application for Change of Business / Residential.
  • Additional Application Processing Type of Business / Business License Revocation.
  • Application Appeal Process License / Permit Business.
  • Processing Renewal / Business Permit.


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Phone number:05-4563445
Fax Number:05-4563430/440
Address:Licensing & General Health Division,
Department of Municipal Services & Health, MDTM.
Officer: Pn. Siti Aida Binti Rasidi