Vision: -

  • ICT as a catalyst for Excellence in Tanjong Malim District Council.

Mission: -

  • Makes Tanjong Malim District Council as an electronic organization.


- In providing IT services to progressive, effective and quality we are ready: -

  • Identify the potential of ICT and promote the application of appropriate technologies for Tanjong Malim District Council in order to stay abreast with current technology at this time.
  • Giving hospitality, polite and always attentive to the problems and needs of consumers.
  • Ensure user data is secure and only accessible by authorized users only.
  • Ensuring a computer network is safe to use and operate and repair the damage (if any) within 1 day depending on the damage and provides replacement computer to ensure that work runs smoothly.
  • Backup and Recovery provides procedures for the database and ensure the security of the database.
  • Ensure preventive maintenance for server, network and application systems implemented at least 3 months.
  • Always sensitive to current technology and aims to provide additional hardware, software and services according to market demands.
  • Aims to provide current and relevant information quickly and accurately in the time required.

Function: -

  • Maintain and control computer systems that are used in the Council.
  • Ensure all computer systems used in the Council are always stable and can be used.
  • Supervise, updating, maintaining and controlling the Council's website.
  • Maintain and control all the 'servers' used in Council.
  • Update and maintain the system S.P.B.T.
  • Provide Backup for the database server.
  • Preparing and maintaining the network in the Council.
  • To provide and maintain a wireless network in the Council.
  • Provide facilities using the latest technology to the Council.

Contact Us :


Phone Number:05-4563437
Fax Number:05-4563430/440
Address:Information Technology Division,
Department of Management Services, MDTM.
Officer:En. Shahzan Hafiz Bin Zainal Abidin
Email ​:hafiz[alias]mdtm[dot]gov[dot]my