EKSA is the acronym for Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem. It is led by MAMPU (Administrative Modernization and Management Planning) and it is rebranding for 5S Implementation of Public Sector in 2010. Its purpose is to foster a culture of organizational excellence and a more corporate image for the idea and the creative and innovative activities.

EKSA is an attempt to strengthen the management of the office to create a more conducive environment to help increase employee productivity MDTM. The move is in line with efforts to strengthen the organizational culture of high performance and innovative work among personnel MDTM through the provision of environmental, workplace culture and values ​​into practice all citizens of public sector agencies.

Through the implementation of these practices can help citizens EKSA MDTM design and implement efforts to produce a work environment that is conducive to improving the quality of service delivery to customers and also can improve the safety, comfort and joy to work for the citizens MDTM.

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