1. Do I have to pay the assessment tax if the house I am renting has assessment arrears?
- Yes, the assessment tax is the responsibility of the house owner. But if the above has occurred, the tenant can pay the arrears out of the rental payment to avoid the house / your assets from being confiscated.

2. What should I do if I cannot afford to pay all of the arrears?
- If full payment cannot be made, in some cases, arrangement can be made for instalment payment.

3. Do I have to pay assessment tax if my land is an agricultural land planted with palms, and far from town?
- Yes, regardless whether your land is an agricultural land or a vacant land with the intention of having a building on it, assessment tax must be paid because it is in the District Council area, in accordance to the provision of Act 171 Local Government Act 1976.

4. Can assessment tax be exempted?
-The assessment tax could be exempted if the building is demolished or destroyed due to fire, storms or other reasons.

5. Why do I have to pay assessment tax when my house does not receive any services, such as rubbish collection, infrastuctures/roads, street light, sewerage, drainage and others from the District Council?
-Even though you do not receive any of the services mentioned above, you are still responsible for the payment of the assessment tax as your area has been gazetted as being in the District Council taxable area.

6. What do I have to do if I did not receive the tax bill?
-If you did not receive or there is a delay in getting the assessment tax bill, just bring the old bill to the tax assessment checking counter to get a new bill.

7. When is the actual date of payment to avoid any penalty?
- To avoid the penalty: for the first half of the year, payment must be made between 1st January and 28th February; and for the second half of the year, from 1st July and 31st August every year.


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