Parking Coupon:-

  • Parking coupon was first introduced and became effective on 1 June 2006 at all TMDC control areas. The coupon parking system replaced the previous ticketing parking system
  • The parking coupons can be obtained from the TMDC appointed sale agents in the Tanjong Malim and Slim River areas at a price of RM2 for a book containing 5 pieces of coupons for five hours, where 1 piece is only allowed for a period of one hour only.
  • Please ensure that you scratch and display the coupon on your car's dashboard.

Guide :-

  • Please scratch 5 sections for Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minutes, the starting time, and display the coupon on the vehicle's dashboard.
  • If more than one coupon is displayed, the time for the second coupon is to start after the expiration of the first coupon.
  • Mistake in scratching, will make the coupon void and could be compounded.

Parking Offences that Can be Compounded :­

  • Does not display the coupons issued by the Council when parking the motorised vehicles in a coupon car park.
  • Displaying an expired coupon.
  • Displaying the coupon where it cannot be identified or seen by the Enforcement Assistant.
  • Displaying the coupon without proper markings.
  • Parking the motorised vehicle outside of the parking space box.
  • Carrying out business at the parking area
  • Obstructing the fire hydrant
  • Parking at the sidewalk
  • Parking at a seasonal parking space without a valid pass.