Urban Proverty Eradication Programme

1. Background


- The Housing and Local Government Ministry was given the responsibility to carry out the poverty eradication programme in the urban area after the Cabinet reshuffle on 27 March 2004. Prior to this, the responsibility was under the Rural and Territory Development Ministry. This includes the capacity building of HLGM and extended to Local Authority as the executants for the ministry.

- The government has targeted to eradicate the hardcore poor by 2005 and overall poverty in a five years period, without taking into account the ethnic groups. Government hopes that the there will be no poor people in the town area by 2009.

(Speech text extract from YB Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting, Housing and Local Government Minister at the Capacity Building Urban Poverty Eradication Programme HLGM Course 30 Nov 2004 Official Opening Ceremony)

- The effort to eradicate poverty in the town area was focused and given priority to the settlement areas and the poor groups that still exist in the urban areas like the squatter areas, low cost housing areas, new villages and traditional village areas




a. To provide a tranquil, healthy and safe environment to the target group by the provision of opportunities to increase the income and employment level and the accessibility to education, health and basic and public facilities.

b. To instil independence and self endurance of the target group through development and ability development programme.



a. To eradicate hardcore poor group by 2009, without taking into account the ethnic groups.


b. To increase the quality of life of the target group to the level at par with Malaysian Quality of Life Index (MQLI) that encompass the areas of education, health, affordable housing, and recreation so as they do not miss out on the development.

c. To change the mid set and instil positive attitudes amongst the target group.